Metal Braces & Three Months Pre-Op Pictures

Had another dental appointment today. I hate having orthodontic work done, it is SO brutal. Changing the wires can sometimes hurt. Nothing unbearable, but sometimes when it is really tight, I have to take soft food for two days or so after the day of appointment. I thought adjustments would be less painful the longer I had braces on, but they really don’t get much better.

I don’t see much progress anymore with regard to teeth movement, so I guess it’s just the waiting game now. Next appointment is in a little more than 10 days. I’m not too sure what’s on my ortho’s agenda, but she said I’d have to wait an hour or so for the mould to solidify, so sounds like it’ll be more than just an adjustment. 🙂

About Having Metal Braces

Recently, I’ve been reading quite a few orthoblogs and I realised that many don’t have the traditional metal brackets. Some have lingual braces, invisalign or ceramic brackets.

It was quite surprising. My ortho told me, in my first visit, that the only option for patients who are intending to undergo orthognathic surgery is metal braces. I guess it depends on the clinic and the orthodontist. I don’t mind it too much, actually. Not the most aesthetically pleasing, but my bite is a mess anyway so it is not too much harm done.

Also, metal braces are considerably cheaper than the other options. My parents are paying for the treatment since I’m still schooling (thanks mum and dad!), so I don’t really want to incur any additional expenses.

Pictures: 13 Months in Braces/3.5 Months Before The Op

I AM SO SAD. My stupid hard-disk crashed so I lost ALLLLL my progress photos. 😦 In fact, it crashed TWICE. In a month.

I’m probably going to back up my pre-op pictures on this blog. Will probably make a ‘Pictures’ page that can be accessed in the side bar.

I doubt my bite will change much in the months prior to the op since the pre-op orthodontic work seems to be more or less done, so they should be good for comparison later on.

Photo on 2013-09-20 at 22.25 #5

Photo on 2013-09-22 at 18.41

Front - upper row of teeth are not too visible

Front – upper row of teeth are not too visible

Profile - Left

Profile – Left

Profile - Right

Profile – Right

My profile takes after the shape of my jaw a lot, so I have a very steep mandible angle and a very long lower jaw. There’s also the typical sunken mid-face of a class III. I really hate any candid pictures that capture my profile.

Okay, off to catch up on Masterchef Season 4! Go Luca!!! (Yeah, I know the results are out and the season is over, but I like to pretend that I’m watching it in real-time)

Quick question for anyone who has already gone through the surgery: I was thinking of applying for a two-week internship that will be exactly 4 weeks after my surgery. Is that feasible or does that sound like a horrid idea?