Surgical Hooks Are In!

Had my SECOND LAST pre-op orthodontic appointment today. The last one will be in a month, and my ortho will take my final dental impressions. She put in 10 surgical hooks today, which cost SGD$80 in total! So it’s like 8 bucks a piece for that tiny metal, yeeesh.

Photo on 2013-10-31 at 21.03 #3

It seems a bit early to have these in, I think. Usually people have them installed a few weeks before the actual op, but mine are in a bit more than two months before. They are not too bad, except now food gets lodged there pretty easily so I might have to resort to carrying my interdental brush around.

Ah, these things make the operation seem so real now. I’m not thinking about it too much though, because I have a more important and imminent worry – bloody ‘A’ levels. Good god this examination will potentially decide my course of life. If only I was American and only had to take the SATs… At least I can retake that if I don’t do well the first time. If I screw my A levels up… oh I don’t even want to think about it.

Okay, I’m off to hit the books. I’ll be back on 5th December with an update on my very long and probably very eventful pre-op appointment with my surgeon!

A Projection of My Post-Op Bite

I had another ortho appointment today! 🙂 This adjustment was MUCH less painful than prior ones, which must mean that my teeth are more or less right where they should be pre-op! Yay! 🙂

I got to see the impressions of my teeth! I had to wait one hour for them to set after the ortho imprinted my bite just today. She also discovered I had two developing cavities, so an appointment was immediately scheduled with another orthodontist to help me check those out and add fillings. I only had to wait about 10 minutes before I got called in to another dentist’s clinic. I love how efficient the National Dental Centre is!

My Projected Post-Op Bite~

My Projected Post-Op Bite~

HOW AMAZING IS THAT?! That perfect bite will be mine in only a couple of months!

If you are wondering why it is this odd green-ish colour, then I think it’s because they haven’t casted it in plaster yet. The plaster impressions of my bite before treatment are white.

So a quick summary of the appointments I have left pre-op (as of today):

  1. 31 October with my orthodontist to make another impression
  2. 28 November with my orthdontist to make the final impressions (Yes, I am spending the day after my final ‘A’ level paper getting a mould of my teeth done. My idea of fun.)
  3. 5 December with my surgeon to make facial impressions and… other stuff. I still don’t know yet, but it will take the whole morning.

GOSH I AM SO EXCITED. I will be fantasising about my perfect bite in the next few days to come. As if I hadn’t been doing it everyday already. 

A random observation: I was surprised how many people with underbites I saw in the one hour I spent in the waiting room waiting for the impressions to set (and no, the clinic doesn’t specialise in orthognathic surgery.) I guess this is a more common affliction than I thought. I know more than six people in my grade alone who have/had an underbite, of which one is a really good friend who will be going for her surgery two weeks before mine (yes, a real life surgery buddy! I’m quite lucky). Do any of you guys know of other underbiters/openbiters in real life (an overbite is more common from what I understand)? Or are you the only one in your social circle with the condition?