Day 0 – Surgery

As I had a blood clotting problem detected earlier in the week, I was administered a bag of cold plasma and transemicacid before the procedure via IV to help me with bleeding issues. I was wheeled in to the waiting room of the operation theatre at around 9.30AM, where I waited for a pretty long time before my surgery started. I think it started at 12PM and I was wheeled out at around 7PM.

I thought that they were going to do the typical ‘put me to sleep’ procedure where they made me count backwards, but instead they put me on 100% oxygen and injected the anesthesia through my arm. I remember hyperventilating for a bit because I thought I couldn’t breathe (stupid, I know) but then before I knew it I was out like a light.

When I woke up in the recovery room I was in quite a considerable amount of pain, and was surprised that I did not face complete numbness anywhere on my face. After giving me some painkillers they wheeled me out of the operating place where my family was waiting for me outside. My brother snapped a few unglamorous pictures which I will post up soon when I get my hands on them.

I spent the night in the high dependency ward. It was terrible though. I was nauseous and puked a few times because my empty stomach couldn’t take the medicine. One thing I would suggest is being completely calm when puking. It’s easy to panic because your teeth are wired shut. But the gross stuff can easily ooze out of the gaps between your teeth and it helps A LOT if you keep calm.

For the whole night I could hardly sleep because my face was in so much pain, and at one point in I actually started tearing up a lot. At its worst I would put the pain at around 9/10. I honestly wasn’t expecting to feel much pain, since I thought I would come out of the operation completely numb. I guess it’s one or the other and I happened to land the option that induced intense short-term suffering.

I was trying to stave off negative thoughts the whole night. It was very difficult, being in so much pain at all, but I kept reminding myself why I decided to have this surgery and that in a few weeks I would (hopefully) find it was all worth it in the end. Thank goodness the nurses were pretty sympathetic and nice, otherwise the night would probably be more terrible.

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