Day 1 – The Peak of Just About Everything (Pain, Discomfort, Swelling, with a Dose of Self-Deprecation …)

Day 1 was an emotional roller coaster!

The morning was agonising. I was sent to the dental clinic in the hospital to have my mouth and nose cleaned by one of the doctors from my surgical team. My head felt really, really heavy, so I had to be wheeled down since I was in no clear state to be walking around. It felt like someone had attached iron weights to my temples; they were throbbing like crazy and I was just in sheer discomfort. On top of that, the pain was unbearable. After the doctor was done cleaning everything, I was tearing like a baby! Soooo embarrassing, but I felt so helpless at the same time so I didn’t spare my dignity any thought. I think everyone who saw me being wheeled back to the high dependency ward was probably wondering what the hell this girl with the big swollen face was put through. Haha at least nobody will be able to recognise me after this swelling goes down…

My doctor decided to give me stronger painkillers, which were injected instead of ingested. I puked (pretty badly) but the pain and discomfort subsided almost instantly. I was really quite comfortable after that. Fortunately, I didn’t actually face any problems breathing during the first few days, because my nose didn’t bleed at all so it didn’t get congested. They moved me back to the normal ward for one more night after removing all my IV drips and the urine catheter. The feeling of the catheter being removed is something I do not want to relive again. It wasn’t very painful, just very… weird and intrusive. Very intrusive.

In the normal ward, I applied cold packs every now and then, and I’m pretty sure my swelling peaked that night. My face didn’t really have a shape. It was just this… amorphous blob of… swollen-ness. Ok I don’t make much sense but basically I looked a lot like this:


I just wasn’t as cute and much oilier.

I’ll post pictures when I’m past the one week mark. Firstly because most of the pictures aren’t taken on my phone and I’m a bit lazy to go ask for them, but mostly because I AM SO DISGUSTINGLY SWOLLEN so you have to give me a bit of time for my sanity to be regained.

I slept in 3 hour intervals the whole night. It really wasn’t that bad. I took the time to drink milo and reapply ice packs. The nurses were sooooo nice, they weren’t bothered at all by my constant bell-pressing and whiteboard-writing (because my teeth are banded shut so I cannot talk AT ALL. Frustrating.) I cannot stress how important a supportive and kind nursing team was to the whole experience! You should do everything in your ability to endear yourself to the nurses! In hindsight it would have been a good idea to bring some chocolates and maybe a ‘thank you’ card for the nursing team. I’ll definitely give them something when I go back to the hospital for my return check-up, though I have a feeling they won’t recognise me at all in a week or two…

5 thoughts on “Day 1 – The Peak of Just About Everything (Pain, Discomfort, Swelling, with a Dose of Self-Deprecation …)

  1. You’re out! 🙂 hang in there babe! Aww man, wish I could be going through the same process with you so we can totally empathize! Hang in there.. The first few days are always the worst, but it gets better (so I’ve read, and I’m sure you have too!)

    • Thank you! Yeah that would have been pretty cool. Hope my posts will help you with your recovery later on! Yeah things are starting to get better now 🙂

  2. Hey you made it through! It will get better, just hang in there for a few days. I remember in the hospital I had a morphine drip, that worked much better than the regular meds they sent me home with.
    You’re fortunate you did not get nose bleeds! It took me DAYS to get my nose cleared out and the congestion to go down.

    • I didn’t have a morphine drip! I felt like they avoided giving me the really effective painkillers during my stay… Oh well at least that’s over.

      Yeah, I’m so glad my nose didn’t bleed! Congestions are still a problem though. 😦 But it must’ve been a lot worse for you!!

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