Day 2 – Oil, Drugs & Prophetic Warnings

Since I’ve started posting about my recovery I noticed that my blog’s hits have shot up. So hello to you new readers, and welcome to my self-documented journey of voluntary dental purgatory. 🙂

Now before I begin this post, let me just warn you that the disgusting/gross factor of its content will be stratospheric. This will read like an issue of ‘Horrible Science’, except it’s 100% horrible and 0% science. I’ll say it again in case you skimmed through that:

The things in this post may make you go ‘ewwww’.

Ok now that that’s out of the way:

My surgeon swung by in the morning of Day 2 and told me that I could check out of the hospital by late morning. I was elated! By this time I couldn’t wait to head home and have a nice shower. My hair was greasy, and my face was slicked with enough oil to fry a batch of bacon. OK that was disgusting – I’m sorry. But truthfully, the surgery made the oil glands on my face, especially those in the T-zone, work on overdrive. I became addicted to this after I got home:

It didn't control the oil as promised, but it did provide immediate relief.

It didn’t control the oil as promised, but it did provide immediate relief!

Medicine & Supplies

I left the hospital at around noon, with these:

  1. 14 tablets of antibiotic [Co-Amoxiclav 625mg] – One table twice daily for 7 days
  2. 3 tablets of painkillers [Arcoxia 120mg] – One tablet daily for 3 days
  3. 40 tablets of panadol – Two tablets twice daily in case of pain or fever symptoms
  4. 1 bottle of iliadin nasal decongestant – Maximum three drops daily for up to 7 days
  5. A couple of syringes of various sizes
  6. 2 bottles of Orasol disinfectant mouthwash – 15ml twice daily
  7. Paraffin lip mosturiser

Because I can’t separate my teeth at all, I have to crush the medicine into powder and dissolve them in water. They taste so gross. On my doctor’s advice, I tried adding honey. Didn’t make it much better. In fact, it made the medicine taste really weird, so now I just suck it up and finish the disgusting mixture.

I don’t take panadol or use the nasal decongestant regularly – only when needed. So far the pain has been very manageable so I haven’t had to take the panadol at all except once. Also, I found out that I can actually drink straight out of a cup, because I can feel still feel my lips!!! So I don’t use the syringes for anything except taking the disgusting medication mixture, only because I want to be super sure that I don’t spill/drool.

Nasal Congestion

Apart from swelling, nasal congestion is one of the primary issues I have to deal with at home. My nose didn’t even bleed, so I guess I don’t have the problem as severely as most people, but it still gets really hard to breathe sometimes!!! I woke myself up in the middle of the night once because I was wheezing so hard.

The nasal decongestant is supposed to help, but I try not to use it unless I am very desperate. I don’t want to risk  the side-effects of overuse. As the manual said, ‘muscle atrophy’ may occur. What affects me more, however, is the advice my pharmacist left me with:

“Don’t use it past the seventh day. I tried it once. On the eighth day you will regret it.”

I don’t know about you, but her words were ambigious and ominious enough to scare me away from relying on the prescribed decongestant for clearing my nose. Instead, my nose-clearing routine mainly relies on other steps:

  1. Breathe Right Nasal Strips [INDISPENSABLE!!!!!!!!]: I sleep with the nasal strips on, and they help tremendously. In fact, I managed to sleep a full 10 hours on the night of Day 2 because of this thing! On the night of Day 3 I tried to do without it, but I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like I couldn’t really breathe. I placed one on my nose and I managed to sleep uninterrupted for a good eight hour.
  2. Humidifier: I read somewhere that it helps, and my sister owns one, so I just use it. I am not sure how it is supposed to work, but it does somewhat provide relief when I let the mist blow up my nose. I found that steam from a mug of hot water works just as well, if not better.
  3. Cotton buds/Q-tips: I’m about to be really gross now so pardon me: when my nose gets really really stuffy, I have to resort to ‘fishing’ out dried-up crusted material with a cotton bud. It is super gross, but helps a lot with clearing your nose. Of course you have to be really careful during the process, so as to not dislodge a blood clot or something…


Unfortunately, phlegm is another major issue. It’s really bothersome: the phlegm gets stuck in my throat but I can’t really spit it out because my teeth are banded shut. The best I could do was swish around some water in my mouth and let the water+phlegm slowly ooze out from the gaps between my teeth. I know, I know, gross!!! But another necessary detail that a potential jaw surgery victim should be warned about.

Weight Loss

Because I am really really really really puny petite, weight loss was a major concern for me. I was originally 43kg (94lbs) so I couldn’t afford to lose any weight. Hence I was pretty apprehensive when I stepped on the weighing scale at home… Imagine my surprise when this flashed back at me:


Yes, I lost almost no weight from 1 day of virtually no food and another day of very little liquids. Weird!!!

4 thoughts on “Day 2 – Oil, Drugs & Prophetic Warnings

    • I spoke a bit too soon I think! My weight started going down a bit after that day 😦 Not as much as I thought it would though!

      Haha, thanks for the recc! My nose cleared quite quickly though, so I’m no longer struggling with nasal congestion (thank goodness!!!)

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