Day 8: Face Ache

…I overdid it today.

Before surgery I said I would never let this happen to me and I would lead a sloth’s life. But I’m only 8 days in and I already tired myself out. My facial muscles are sooooo sore. I was taking too much advantage of the little bit of freedom that I had gained after a few elastic bands were removed in my previous surgeon’s appointment: I talked a lot, ate blended food (which involves opening and closing my mouth rather than just letting the food go through the natural gaps between my teeth), and smiled one smile too many (yes it is possible to smile too much).

Gosh I am so sore. I hope I don’t wake up in pain tomorrow.

A little aside: I just found out today that it doesn’t actually take more muscles to smile than to frown. The opposite, actually! Of course I am going to be doing neither for the rest of today, I’ll just remain expressionless. I moved too many facial muscles already. 

2 thoughts on “Day 8: Face Ache

  1. I hope you get better soon, when you’re feeling bad, just remember that you will look amazing when all this is done.

    Best wishes to you during this healing phase.
    Greetings from Mexico 🙂

    • I hope so haha. But I just feel so chubby right now it’s hard to believe that my face will look normal anytime soon!

      ¡Gracias por sus deseos! Aprendo español… pero soy principiante 🙂 (I probably made a mistake somewhere haha I haven’t practiced since the surgery)

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