Day 110

It has been a good whole two months since my last update and I am nearly 4 months post-op! 3 months and 20 days to be exact, and I only know this because I used a day counting widget. Yes, I have come to the stage where I have stopped marking dates by how many days post-op I am. It’s a good place to be! I hardly think about my jaw nowadays, which is a very welcomed change from the pre-op times when jaw issues would infiltrate my mind several times in a day, and I would perhaps never go a few hours without thinking about my jaw.

At this point in time, most (if not all) of my swelling has already subsided. I face zero numbness apart from the slight numbness in my upper gums where the incisions were made. I am also nearly able to open my mouth 3 fingers wide – just a smidgen away, really. I am eating as per normal, although hard foods such as apples are still difficult to tackle, so I tend to avoid eating them. I said “as per normal”, but by that I do not mean the normal post-op way, but the new and improved proper way of eating. My front teeth can tear food and are not utterly useless anymore. Instead of having only 3 molars on each side chewing food, all of my teeth perform their proper function. Chewing is sooooo much easier.

The only thing that has been bothering me is how ‘raw’ the insides of my mouth are, especially the cheek area in the back of my mouth. That part is still rather swollen and chewed up because my braces are constantly cutting it, and it is very hard to brush my back molars because the swelling leaves very little space between my teeth and cheek.

But that is just about the only complaint I have. Everything is great, I love this new jaw of mine. Also I am only two dental appointments (or two months) away from removing my braces! Can’t wait for that to happen.

Just a short update because I have some work to complete by tomorrow! I’ll post more in-depth update soon about how life after jaw surgery and how things have changed. All the best to those who are recovering or who are about to go for their surgeries! 🙂

P.S. I’m moving to London in September for university!!! I am not sure why I’m telling you guys this but it was just confirmed today and I’m excited as hell!!!!!

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